Frequently Asked Questions


Our Services and Who we Are

Q) Who are the people involved with your organization? 

A) Please know that all people involved with Kitties for Keeps Rescue work full time and are volunteering their time for this organization.  We strive to get back to all inquiries within 24 hours and appreciate your patience.

 Q) What is the best way to reach you?

 A) We do have a voicemail for messages, but email is the fastest way we communicate as all of those involved are volunteers.   

Q) Are you a "No Kill" organization? 

A) Yes - We are a Foster based organization, which means we take in only those animals that we can house. All pets are received or accepted based on space.  The pets we take in are from High-Kill Shelters!!  We keep animals until we find them homes, no matter how long it takes.  

Q) Do you pick up or trap stray animals? 

A) No we do not offer this service. You must contact your local animal control.

Q) Do you accept donations? 

A) YES! We accept donations cash, and items Please see our "DONATE / SHOPPING" section for a list.  Donations are also accepted in person during our pet adoption tables.

Q) Are you funded by the state/government? 

A) NO! We are supported solely by the generous donations of the public.  To make a contribution, please click the "Donate" button, stop by during our pet adoption tables, or

 Q) I think my neighbor is abusing/neglecting their animal, can you help? 

A) No. They need to contact a humane agent through the Humane Society. IF the offense is happening right now, you need to call 911. 

Q) I found a cat/kitten outside, What do I do? 

A) Please take the cat/kitten to a local veterinarian office to have it scanned for a chip.  Someone might be looking for him/her. 

Q) Do you accept donations of food? 

A) Yes, Only unopened bags of dry or canned cat or kitten food.. 

Q) I need to rehome my cat, and no fosters are available, What do I do?

A) You can list your cat for rehoming at where you can screen any potential adopters yourself.   Or we can put you on our waiting list, which is typically quite long.  

We DO NOT Ship cats or kittens out of state.  

 * To be considered for an adoption an Application MUST be filled out and all adoptions will have a VET Reference Check AND a HOME Check.  Please email us at: for a preliminary questionnaire.

* All cats/kittens that are adopted through our organization,  if not already spayed or neutered, are required to have the pet spayed or neutered at the appropriate time.   THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE.  

 *** Follow-up checks are performed on ALL animal adoptions ***